Chlorite Phantom Quartz -- Mineral Information, Metaphysical Properties & Affirmations
Chlorite is the name for a group of minerals so closely related that they are extremely difficult to distinguish from one another. The best known type is Clinochlore, a magnesium iron aluminum silicate with a hardness of 2 to 2.5. Its crystals are tabular, although Clinochlore also occurs in massive, foliated, scaly, granular or earthy habits. There is notable chemical variety in the Clinochlore minerals, which includes such species as Seraphinite, Cookeite and Kammererite. Clinochlore itself is most often green, though it may be white, yellowish, colorless or (rarely) purple. Sometimes, during the growth cycle of certain Quartz crystals, a layer of Chlorite/Clinochlore is deposited on the crystal's termination, followed by further growth of the crystal. If the crystal is transparent, the result will be a greenish internal "phantom'' which will reveal it's location and shape of the Quartz crystal's termination before the Chlorite deposit and later growth of the crystal. The incorporation of Chlorite into the structure of the crystal is believed to alter energetic properties of both minerals, blending the two. Chlorite Phantom Crystals can be found in a number of the areas which produce Quartz crystals, but they have been mined most frequently in Brazil and Madagascar. The hardness of these specimens is 7, the same as other Quartz.

Chlorite Phantom Crystals are excellent sources of connection with the realm of Nature spirits. They vibrate at a high frequency, so they can easily reach out to contact other plants and their spirit counterparts during meditation sessions. Chlorite Phantoms resonate with Earth's heartbeat because it is vital for people who have too much unbalanced energy that needs grounding work done on themselves. This is why Chlorite Phantom crystals make this process easier by helping you release excess emotional charges built up inside your body while also providing guidance from plant spirits or fairies about how best to live life according to Nature.

Chlorite Phantoms are connected deeply to the Earth's heartbeat, not just physically but also through their souls and spirits. If not fully understood, it is widely spoken that the Earth has a soul which interacts with human beings in symbiosis. The chlorites resonate closely with this because they get much nourishment from it spiritually as well as physically. The mineral kingdom sings her energy in all directions, but humans must also evolve and awaken to become her full, joyful partners. Chlorite Phantoms resonate with an obvious version of pure Earth energy, which can be used for meditations that help one come into conscious contact with this power. Using these stones in planetary healing work will also prove most productive. They can bring users closer than ever before to attaining enlightenment through the sheer simplicity of their powerful vibrations.

Chlorite Phantoms are a potent addition to any crystal collection, especially for those who enjoy communing with nature spirits. Their spectrum of color allows them to blend well in combination with other stones such as Lodolites and Emeralds. Green Rutile Quartz is the perfect stone for using while meditating because it can help one resonate more closely with Earth's consciousnesses! Blue Kyanite enhances the visionary component of these experiences by bringing visions into focus even better than before- making this an essential part of your Chlorite Phantom experience.

Chlorite Phantoms in Quartz are powerful healing stones that can assist one with achieving balance and health through their vibrational aspects. They allow for successive realignment of all levels of oneself to optimal soul energy by helping the flow between physical ailments and corresponding patterns in an individual's energetic field. This allows individuals to move into resonance with Earth's electromagnetic fields, where they're able to use them as a guide towards finding heart or brain rhythms that align perfectly within this planet-based rhythm. This may be beneficial in meditation sessions focused on identifying possible sources of illness, among other such examples.

SPIRITUAL Chlorite Phantoms channel high-frequency soul energy into the physical and energetic systems. They can aid in connecting with one's healing guides, as well as helping those who are uncomfortable receiving healing or energy from others to be more receptive.
EMOTIONAL These crystals provide an energizing effect on our emotions, lending a hopefulness that leads to optimism for us all!
AFFIRMATION I link myself deeply with Nature through my connection of being grounded-- finding there the keys to inner balance and health within me

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