Break The Rules! It's Ok

You may not know this, but Brules are often the reason why you not living the life you desire. 

What are Brules? 

Brules are bullshit rules we use to live our lives in a complex world that we often don’t fully understand. These come from childhood, growing up and having seen something impactful, they somehow just come up. We pick them up from others. 

Some examples of brules...everyone needs to be married, have children, aging means slowing down, a part of life, you need religion to have reached salvation, men and women need completely different roles in life, love is painful, beauty is painful, hard work equals success, you have to have to go to college and get a degree or two.


Like who made them up?

And why do I have to follow them when they don’t all provide me happiness, but pressure, stress, and well heartbreak and tears.

Why not follow your intuition, why not pursue your dreams, why not have more self confidence to live by your own rules. Why not make your own rules, do what you like? Rules that fit your life and that are realistic to you and you only. Because this is your life and you need to have your own rules.

First, how to identify brules. The ultimate thing to understand here is that there's a difference between relative truth and absolute truth.

Relative truth is true for some people. Absolute truth is true for everyone. Let’s use meditation for example, it has amazing benefits to your body and mind and that is an absolute truth. Anyone in the world no matter what age, demographic, culture, religion, race, shows that people who meditate show brain neurological benefits. When you come to relative truth or think in terms of culture, religion, hereditary/family heritage. Take for example work. It is the regular 8-9 hour work day, typical shifts with no flexibility. Without flexibility in your hours it means low productivity and worker moral and enthusiasm, now take another company where they offer flex-time and they have an excellent rate of worker productivity why, because the workers can choose a time that works for them to come in an get their job done and when there are happy workers more work gets done.

So, when you start to see as long as you believe in something and it’s not the absolute truth, a truth that has not been proven for every single person on this planet, and that it’s relative truth and you only need to accept it if it is empowering to YOU! Empower Yourself and don’t follow the brules! I will talk about this more in my next article and how to break them....

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