Body Layouts or Body Grids

Body Layouts

The art of 'Laying on of Stones' for healing is said to be an ancient practice. Certainly it is true that modern healers and explorers have a much wider array of stones available to them than at any other time in history, recorded history. Typically, body layouts involve one person laying on a massage table or bed while a friend or practitioner places stones upon the body, often at the Chakra points, meridians, or near the organs one may wish to affect. Sometimes a body layout can be simple as a Chakra-Attunement array, consisting of one or more stones at each of the 7 Chakra Points, with each stone chosen because of its affinity with that particular Chakra. However, body layouts offer perhaps the greatest opportunity to experience the complex interplay of multiple stone energies, and they are limited only by one's imagination and inner guidance. Stone arrays can be created to focus on physical or emotional healing, energy purification and cleansing, psychic protection, spiritual ascension, astral travel, or any number of other purposes. The practitioners/friend may simply lay the stones on the body and withdraw while they do their work, or she may facilitate the movement of energies through other modalities. 

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