Blue Kyanite -- Metaphysical Properties & Affirmations
Blue Kyanite stones have a high vibration and create very rapid transfers of energy. They open the psychic channels and activate the mind centers, accentuating one's mental capacities and enhancing one's ability to 'download' information from higher sources. Using Blue Kyanites for telepathic communication between individuals can make things easier if both parties contact them at once - especially when those two people might be sleeping together! Choose to sleep with this stone during lucid dreaming periods that occur throughout your slumbering night. There will likely be an increased chance of experiencing various visions or dream states relating specifically to what is on your mind while asleep. Blue Kyanite is a gemstone that can link the physical, astral, and causal bodies. It catalyzes full consciousness in waking, dreaming, and dreamless sleep when one works at it; this goal is well worth attaining.

Blue Kyanites can be combined with Green Tourmalines to bring their energies into resonance with the heart center. Using both stones together, one can channel the high-frequency vibrations into self-healing and other beneficial pursuits. Blue Kyanite's powerful energy will keep your focus on achieving true happiness through love for yourself rather than seeing psychic abilities as an excuse for an ego trip when using them in conjunction with Green Tourmaline. This energy is excellent at keeping you centered while transmitting higher frequency vibrations from Earth all around us up here because sending that kind of vibration has a lot more power behind it.

Kyanite is a stone of connection, helping bridge the gap between disparate aspects to be better understood. It can help shift blocked energies on an emotional level and energetically by restructuring mental energy patterns that keep us from moving forward into higher levels of learning. Kyanite's powerful energy creates pathways where before there were none, so we may find new ways out if stuck with old ones!

Kyanite is a beautiful stone for those who are in the fields of diplomacy, negotiation, and arbitration. It brings people together by acting as an energetic bridge that helps disparate energies find their standard frequency. Kyanite can also help one incorporate aspects of self into a harmonious whole, allowing them to live with greater harmony within themselves while maintaining peace and respect. Finally, Kyanites can help one forge their path by bringing together all of the interests, skills, and knowledge that make up who they are. This will allow them to see how those gifts align with what is needed for a soul's journey on Earth.

Kyanite is a stone that can help connect you to your higher self. It also assists in psychic development and aids during meditation or healing sessions when used with the third eye. Kyanite's structure emits the energy of peace, which allows it to transmit from one person to another and enhance telepathic communication between two people for deep spiritual connection and awareness.

Kyanite is a crystal that can help one's energy field be cleared and protect those wishing to do healing or psychic work. It can cut through any cloudy thoughts with strong bridges connecting your inner self with your outer world.

Kyanite may seem like an ordinary stone at first glance; however, this beautiful gemstone contains many exciting aspects. Like aiding in clearing negative energies from people's fields and providing shields that give safety during spiritual endeavors, including physical therapy options and more metaphysical approaches such as psychics, clarity would be needed. Kyanite also helps remove indecision, so you can move forward when stuck on something weighing heavy on your mind or body!

SPIRITUAL Kyanite incites the third eye and psychic abilities. This crystal will help bridge blockages in the energetic body, facilitate telepathy, and transfer energy between people with ease.
EMOTIONAL Habitual emotional patterns can create blockages that cause skips on a record-with one's inner dialog or dynamic content playing themselves endlessly. With Kyanite to bridge those blocks, you'll be able to quickly put an end to your old perception of reality by bringing new pathways of energy flow into play at once!
AFFIRMATION I navigate the deep realms of my inner bridges, leading to my growth, opening myself up for new opportunities and possibilities. The land of my heart is waiting patiently with open arms. I step forward into a world that welcomes me as an individual who has much to offer this Earth at any given time in whatever capacity possible.

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