Blue Apatite -- The Metaphysical Properties --

Blue Apatite is a stone that has some great qualities. First, its cleansing influence on the auric field can help you be more aware of your thoughts and how they affect those around you. Second, it stimulates visionary states so that one may engage in lucid dreaming or astral travel while sleeping with this crystal nearby, and lastly, it enhances our ability to see multiple levels of consciousness simultaneously - even if we're not asleep!

Blue apatite aids us when connecting mental bodies associated with psychic perception and paranormal abilities like intuition. By holding onto Blue Apatite during sleep time, one will have an easier time having spiritual journeys such as clairvoyance throughout their life span because this gemstone helps visualize others. This stone of inspiration is a powerful tool for enlightenment, giving one the ability to access the 'aha experience,' where solutions are suddenly visible. The blue beings in all their forms come running when they sense its vibration- such as ETS or guides from other planes. Even gods like Krishna can be found among them!

Blue Apatite is a Wind element stone that can be used to clear and stimulate the inner vision. It also helps enhance psychic ability, making it a powerful stone for past-life or alternate life work because you can use its abilities to access information from one's Akashic records to understand better how they relate with this current lifetime. This way, spiritual guidance about what kind of advice your soul patterns would offer on various topics become accessible, so Blue Apatite has the power both physically and spiritually! 

Blue Apatite is a stone with the ability to help one access past-life information, so it can be used to understand any karmic influences contributing to our current reality. Furthermore, this crystal strengthens mental function and clarity for those who wear or hold this gemstone; additionally, using Blue Apatite during dream time allows people to find creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. Finally, it uplifts spirits and lends a positive outlook by providing hope that all things are possible through faith if you believe!

Blue apatite breaks down barriers between your mind's conscious thoughts and subconscious memories of previous lives, which may contribute to understanding what might have caused certain outcomes now affecting one's physical well-being.

In addition to its applications for exploring other lives and their karmic patterns, Blue Apatite can be used as a dream stone, enabling one to access the subconscious to solve creative problems. Furthermore, this crystal has an uplifting energy that helps people see situations from a higher perspective not to become mired in emotional response. It is also helpful for those who fear heights or fear falling due to past-life experiences.

With the help of Blue Apatite, I can open my inner eye to a realm of hidden knowledge. Blue Apatite is particularly good for those who experience vertigo or dizziness and declining eyesight from extensive computer work; it soothes headaches and stimulates sight!

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