Blue Apatite -- An Akashic Stone 6th Chakra

Blue Apatite is a high vibration crystal. An energetic stone that focuses on clearing and stimulating the Third Eye. It can help you with the connection to your psychic abilities, inner visions. This beautiful blue crystal can also help with past life and Akashic records.

Keywords of Blue Apatite
Psychic Activation, Akashic Records, Cleansing the Aura

Element Association is Wind

Chakra Association is Third Eye or the 6th Chakra

The stunning blue hue stone can also attract blue energies. These energies can be beings such as guides, gods, goddesses, and deities. They can help you communicate, guide, and protect you on your past life journey.

Affirmations For Blue Apatite
Spiritually Blue apatite can also be used as a dream stone enabling access to the subconsciousness

Emotionally Blue Apatite has happy, energetic, uplifting vibrations.

Affirmations My eyes are open to the realms of my hidden knowledge.

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