Bliss Euphoralite-- Bliss Euphoralite Healing Properties

Bliss Euphoralite Crystal

The Euphoralite stone is a rare healing crystal found only in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The name is derived from the phenomenon, wherein holding this stone brings about an euphoria like state of relaxation and clarity that makes one feel as though they are floating on air. 

What is Bliss Euphoralite?

Bliss Euphoralite carries both a protective and energizing vibration, and is a great gift for new mothers or those experiencing fertility issues. The crystal is also incredibly calming, and can help with alleviating stress and anxiety. It’s a wonderful stone for those who are new to crystal healing, as it doesn’t have too many “rules.” Simply place it near you or on your body to experience the blissful vibration that this stone emits.

Bliss Euphoralite is an incredible stone for stress relief, new mothers, and those experiencing fertility issues. The euphoria-like state it induces makes one feel relaxed and clear headed, as though they are floating on air. It is also protective and energizing,calming anxiety effectively. Those new to crystal healing will find this stone easy to use since it doesn't come with too many "rules."

What Color is Bliss Euphoralite?

Bliss Euphoralite is a white or off colored stone with pink and purple. It is a Quartz, Lepidolite, and Feldspar combination. It is a soft energy stone, and has a high vibration. It is found in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Healing Properties of Bliss Euphoralite

Bliss Euphoralite can be used to relieve stress, anxiety, and help with fertility issues. It is a soothing stone that will stimulate the Crown Chakra, and it can be used to assist with connection to the Divine mind. If you are looking for stones to use in meditation, this is one of the best. This stone has a number of uses and can assist you with soothing high vibration energy in your life.

How To Use Bliss Euphoralite?

If you are looking for a calming crystal that soothes anxiety this is one of the best. It will also help to calm any stress or irritability. Hold Your Bliss Euphoralite in your hands and say your favorite soothing affirmation or chant and let the healing energy envelope you. If you prefer, use your singing bowl and make a circle with your Bliss Euphoralite and sit in the middle, or place it on your body. Another way to feel the energy of Bliss Euphoralite is by making a body grid or keeping it by your bedside table. You can carry one in your right pocket or on your right side of the body with you when you feel the need for this type of soothing calming energy as well. There is no right or wrong way, just make sure it feels good to you. That’s what is most important. If it feels good to you.


Why Would You Use Bliss Euphoralite?

Use Bliss Euphoralite for calming soothing feminine energy. It will also help to calm any stress or irritability. It is a great crystal for those who want to connect with the Divine mind and deepen their Spiritual Practice. This stone has the ability to soothe your energy, and this will help you with emotional healing. It is a powerful stone to use in meditation, as it can help you to access deep levels of consciousness. Use its energy when you are looking for a stone that will give you access to Divine wisdom. If you have anxiety or feel overwhelmed by stress, this is a great crystal to have on hand.

How To Care for Euphoralite

Caring for your Euphoralite is very easy and simple. Almost every piece can be placed in water. The one that should not be placed in water is Illumination. You can cleanse them by using sound, smudging, salt, sunlight, and moonlight. Wiping them with a soft cotton cloth is also safe too. 

Where to Place Euphoralite

Bliss Euphoralite is best in the bedroom or any room you wish to have tranquility and calmness. You can place it beside your bed or under your pillow.

The first thing to understand about Euphoralite is that it is a stone of transformation. It's not just a pretty little rock—it has the ability to change you from the inside out.

That's why we recommend placing Euphoralite in your space in a place where you can see it often and be reminded of its power. But before we get into placement specifics, let's talk about what makes Euphoralite so special in the first place.

Euphoralite is a stone that represents enlightenment and understanding. It helps you tap into your inner truth, allowing you to move forward without fear or hesitation. It also helps you connect with others on a spiritual level, helping you find common ground with other people who have similar values and goals in life. The energy of Euphoralite is one of peace and harmony, but it can also help you deal with negative emotions like anger or resentment that are holding you back from achieving success in any area of life (whether it's business or personal).

For some of the best places to put Euphoralite is near where someone spends most of their time at home: next to their bed or desk chair, or maybe even on top of their dresser if they're always looking at photos or mementos while getting ready for their day. 

Other Ways To Use Euphoralite

If you want to feel more connected with yourself and the world around you, then place them above your head in a straight line at eye level.

If you're trying to bring more joy into your life, try placing them in a triangle shape, with the bottom point touching your heart chakra and the top point touching your third eye chakra.

And if you just want to relax and let go of stress, place one or two on either side of your head (depending on how many people are in the room).


Bliss Euphoralite is the ultimate in relaxation. Whether you're looking to get away from your responsibilities and just relax, or you're looking to have a spiritual experience and connect with your soul, Bliss Euphoralite has something for everyone. 

Bliss Euphoralite helps people find their inner peace through meditation. It helps them achieve a state of euphoria so that they can be happy no matter what is going on in their lives.

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