Are Crystals a Must-Have When Reading Tarot Cards or Can I do Without Them

Are crystals a must-have when reading Tarot cards or can I do without them?

Many Tarot readers, especially beginners, often wonder if crystals are essential when reading Tarot cards. The truth is crystals and Tarot are not mutually exclusive in any way. However, you should also be aware that this practice of using crystals has no factual basis either. So what's the reason behind it? The idea of using a crystal ball or other crystals during a tarot reading came up with the understanding that these objects would enhance your psychic abilities by channeling universal energy into profound visions, which can then be interpreted as an answer to your question about yourself or others. So let's get back to basics! Suppose you've ever read a typical beginner book on learning how to use Tarot cards. In that case, one key point they mention is that unlike divination methods like tea leaf reading, Tarot cards do not give you answers that are one hundred percent accurate. That's because the future is not fixed, and if it were, there wouldn't be much scope for the human will to change anything about it. The best tarot readers understand matters from this point of view rather than as a tool for predicting one's future with absolute clarity. However, this doesn't mean Tarot readings can't help provide guidance and insight into yourself or others around you. So how does Tarot work? What makes people turn to these cards in the first place? Just like astrology has its basis on understanding your personality traits and your ability to interact with different situations, so is Tarot based on how you perceive certain things and how they affect you. It works on your subconscious mind to bring about premonitions, which doesn't mean anything supernatural about it.

It's the natural connection between the cards and our soul, which gives us an uncanny feeling that time does not play a role in reading for ourselves or others. The process of connecting with both the question posed and making way for answers is gradual but steady as long as we have already done some work understanding tarot cards in general and those specific aspects of life one want clarity on. Using crystals while studying Tarot works similarly to meditation, where you need to focus on nothing else except clearing your mind entirely off all thoughts present therein. Once this state has been achieved, your subconscious mind will start triggering short visuals, often visions of tarot cards but have a symbolic connotation only. You won't necessarily tell what card it is by just staring at it, as the images and symbols you get might not be literal. However, writing down whatever comes to your mind while concentrating on the question asked is very important from this point onwards. It will help you interpret what you saw further and put them together to get better clarity about answers that can be tailored specifically for yourself or others who had posed an unrelated query altogether!

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