The 3 Best Crystals to Open Third Eye

3rd Eye Crystals

This is about how different crystals can be used for opening your third eye. It is not favorable that we live in a world where it is not possible to talk about spiritual things. I think that crystals are one of the ways in which you can connect with your inner self and feel more settled. Since the beginning of time people have been looking for ways to get in touch with their third eyes but until now it was never possible because of the negative energies that surround us in our daily lives. Today however, there are more and more people who believe in crystal healing and work on making a change in their lives by guiding themselves towards something that can help them open their third eyes and see the world in different light.

Beyond the physical senses, there is a world of burgeoning energy and vibrational frequencies. In this world, neurons reconnect and structures form, allowing for maximum mental and physical clarity. As part of the expanding field of crystal healing, this is energy work. Activating your third eye chakra allows you to attune yourself to the vibrations of the universe. Our all-natural therapeutic crystals are uniquely proportioned for use in energy work for opening the third eye, enhancing concentration and promoting lucid dreaming.

crystals to open your third eye

Crystals to Help Open Third Eye

The full moon is the perfect time to open your third eye and direct higher energy

3rd Eye Crystals Blue Kyanite

to manifest what you desire. This high quality set of 14 clear quartz crystals can be charged easily under the light of the full moon for more amplified healing powers. To charge a crystal, simply hold it in your hand outside during the full moon to receive its' positive energy into your aura or chakra system.

If you are committed to growing spiritually, crystals may be the answer. Crystals with a high vibration can help align you with the universe. Like rainbows formed through clean air and sunshine, your aura could use a little magical sparkle to start manifesting miracles into your life.

Your third eye is the heart of your inner knowing and vision. It holds the key to your psychic abilities, creative inspiration and imagination, intuition, and dreams.

crystals to open the third eye

How to Open Third Eye with Crystals?

You’ve probably heard of the third eye before. Crystal healers, gurus, and some medical professionals believe that the third eye is located where your two physical eyes are. It’s a chakra (energy center) that can be opened to unlock psychic abilities.

3rd Eye Crystals Iolite

Some people go to great lengths to try to open their third eye, but it might be easier than you think. Mineral Goddess recommends using crystals and gemstones in the bluish, indigo, and violet color palette. This color palette serves to awaken, balance, align, and nurture the third eye.

To give you a little more insight into this practice: there are three steps that you can use to get your third eye activated for psychic development. The first step is to choose a indigo crystal or gemstone that resonates with you (in terms of color and shape). The second step is to hold this stone in front of your eyes. The last step is to meditate on it while holding it in front of your eyes.


how to use crystals to open third eye

Best Crystals to Open Third Eye

#1- Iolite: known as "the window to the soul," iolite is an amazing crystal for meditation! It's also said to lower blood pressure and boost creativity.

Iolite is a violet stone with flecks of blue and gold. It helps you express yourself clearly, and it can help you to see things with sharpness and clarity. It can also stimulate your imagination and make it easier to connect to your dreams.

#2- Blue Kyanite: this crystal is said to harmonize brain waves and bring harmony between mind and body. It's also said to relieve stress and anxiety, making it perfect for those who have trouble meditating or even opening their third eye!

Blue kyanite is a blue stone that looks like water vapor has frozen into gorgeous blue patterns. It can ground your energy and help you create a feeling of calm, peaceful awakening within yourself. It can also clear stuck or misaligned energies that might be holding you back from feeling truly free in your life.

#3- Blue Apatite: anyone who has ever meditated before knows that it's hard to stay focused on your goal. This crystal helps with that—it helps break down things into smaller steps so you don't get overwhelmed while meditating.

Blue apatite is a bluish-green crystal that can help increase creativity and

3rd Eye Crystals Blue Apatite

intuition. It promotes self-confidence, so you can learn to trust your instincts, place more faith in yourself, and discover your deepest potential. When used in healing ceremonies, it can also act as a purifier of negative energies and blockages that might be weighing you down or holding you back from moving forward with confidence.

Opening your third eye with crystals is a great way to help you see the world in a whole new way. Whether you're looking to increase your spiritual prowess or treat any number of ailments, using crystals for healing can be very effective when combined with the proper knowledge and meditation. Crystals for psychic opening help to remove negative energy and align your chakras and aura. Other crystals can help you to balance your nervous system and cleanse yourself spiritually, which will leave you feeling lighter and more positive. Some people even use crystals to help them gain clairvoyance, which is a type of extrasensory perception that gives you the ability to see things that aren't normally visible, like auras around living beings.

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