What is The Best Way to Start Working with Crystals in Your Tarot Readings?


What is the best way to start working with crystals in your Tarot readings?

Do you feel that crystals are too woo-woo, but would still like to try them out without having to use one in every tarot card reading? Maybe you're just not ready yet and need to get used to the idea first? Here's what I recommend: Try bringing a single crystal with you each time you run your cards. You can leave it in your bag as a reminder of its presence or even carry it around with you if something specific comes up during readings, like a health issue, for instance. If this doesn't work out for you, then simply take it and place it inside the bag before or after each reading (you'll have more success with this method). Either way, over time, it will begin influencing how you see/feel about your readings every time you use them.


How do I use crystals in my tarot readings?

The first thing you need to know is that you need to cleanse them before performing any readings with crystals. If you are using crystals on their own (without being placed inside a cloth pouch), put them in still water overnight and leave them there until they are dry, as this will remove unwanted energies from the crystal.


How do I prepare myself before doing my readings?


Before jumping into the actual reading of cards, it is important for you to perform a few cleansing rituals. This will help you remove unwanted energy from your body and mind, which can interfere with the reading process. It also helps to relax the mind and psych you up for the reading.

After performing this ritual, spend some time thinking about what type of reading you want to perform – whether it be something simple like finding out if someone you have feelings for has similar emotions for you or more complex such as a job or health-related reading. It would be best to start off with simple readings before moving on to more involved card layouts. Once done, sit comfortably at a table while ensuring that nothing around you is moving or distracting (do not read while sitting in public transit if possible). Now take a deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds and then breathe out. Repeat doing this about five times to help relax your mind and body.

If you feel relaxed enough, take another deep breath in a while, counting to three before breathing out again. Now focus on the question/s that you need to answer or situation that you are confused about (if there is any). If no question is present, then just think of what you would like to know. Once done, picture the answers inside your head as clear images or words. As the information comes to your mind, hold onto it and keep repeating it over & over until all doubts have been eliminated from your mind regarding the reading result. Do not forget to include how accurate you believe that the answer is inside your head too.


It is important not to rush through the reading process or skip any steps. If you do these things, your results will not be as accurate, causing you to receive inaccurate readings that may confuse you more than helping clarify your situation. This only means that it will take a lot longer for you to decide anything if and when they are needed.


What next?


There are many tarot card reading variations available out there (some free and others costing nothing). Do keep in mind though that the person performing a tarot reading from cards has no control over what comes up as every card represents different meanings depending on who is picking them out of the deck based on their own motives for using them in the future.


Benefits of using a crystal with your tarot card reading

The crystal that you place inside your bag for tarot card reading purposes must match your request type. For example, if you are looking to boost your creativity and inspiration, a stone-like rose quartz will be a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want a stronger relationship with someone or something, then use a citrine as it is known for attracting love as well as good fortune into one's life.


How do I create my very own Crystal & Tarot bag?


There are many different ways to create your own bag for storing crystals while performing readings from cards. While these methods will vary greatly depending on who is creating them, there are also similar steps that everyone must go through before making them:

Choose a suitable cloth material: This is probably an essential part of your bag as this will be what touches your crystals. Therefore, you must ensure that it can handle the materials well enough to become damaged over time. If possible, use natural fabrics such as cotton or silk instead of synthetic ones since these are better at dealing with organic materials than synthetic ones.


Choose Your Crystals Wisely: When choosing which crystals to include in your tarot card reading bag, try and pick out only those from the relevant stone family. For example, if you are using rose quartz, then make sure to add an amethyst crystal too; while going for citrine, you should see you using a topaz one. Placing different types of stones in your bag will help enhance the positive properties that you are trying to create.


Remove Negative Energy: When using crystals with tarot card readings, you must cleanse them beforehand to ensure they receive all the energy that they need from you. Placing your crystals on a natural lava rock like one found here (when not being used) can help eliminate any negative energies that may be lingering inside them, such as static or radiation left behind by cellphones and other devices.


Protection Method 1 – Protection Spell: Using a protection spell alongside your tarot card reading will act as the cherry on top of your sundae, helping boost its overall effectiveness substantially. You will want to make sure anything you do for your protection spell is related to the same thing that your reading is about. For example, if you are going to perform a love forecast, then use a cauldron with saltwater and light some candles while saying from memory, "I cast this spell around me so that its force surrounds my body and keeps it safe. So I will not be hurt or touched in any way by anyone except those whom I have let into my life and they enter only when invited".


Protection Method 2 – Crystal Amulet: There are many different crystal amulets out there that can protect against all things bad for you, such as the evil eye curse. You should be able to find one based on your needs quite easily enough online to add to your tarot card reading bag without spending too much money as well.

Protection Method 3 – Crystal Talisman: The use of a crystal talisman for protection will see you using an already created magical object with unique properties explicitly designed to protect the wearer. There are many different styles and designs out there, so choosing the right one should be easy enough when going through them. Try and find something based on what you're trying to achieve rather than just making sure it has crystals in it, though, as this could mean they don't have any properties at all.


Benefits of Using Multiple Crystals While Performing A Reading From Cards: Due to its nature, a tarot card reading involves casting energy towards the future, and therefore, it will be beneficial for you to use multiple crystals while doing so. The different types of stones that have been chosen should all work together to give off the best possible positive energies which can help influence the future in your favor.

If you are using a pendulum simultaneously to perform readings from cards, you may also want to include another one inside your tarot card reading bag. This will allow you to cover more angles by allowing for more answers when necessary or trying out different methods depending on what the outcome is with each one separately. For example, if you are performing a love forecast, then try adding rose quartz and amethyst side by side inside your bag; this will encourage a balance between two people in a relationship once they start using them.


Removing Negativity From Your Crystals:

If you've been using your crystals in several different tarot card readings, then it is highly likely that they will have picked up some negativity from the cards themselves. The best way for you to deal with this will be to cleanse them regularly under running water. This should help get rid of any unwanted energies and ensure that they are working at their optimal levels when used inside your tarot bag.


How to use your crystal as an energy amplifier during your Tarot readings?

To be crystal clear, this is not a competition. It's merely an example of how I apply the magic inherent in crystals into my Tarot readings and my own personal understanding of their power in correlation with Tarot. So here we go: I use two different crystals at any time during any tarot reading that I perform for myself or even on anyone else (unless they prefer to choose one themselves). My interpretation is the following...The first stone represents me/myself, so what matters most to me? What is something that resonates strongly with who I am and who I want/desire to become? This crystal could also represent what you are looking for from your reading itself. For instance, if you want clarity, the crystal could be rutilated quartz or even a lovely clear aquamarine. If you seek guidance about your love life, try using a nice large rose quartz in your tarot bag and let it "talk" to you during the reading. Should clarity about one of these issues not come during the reading but later on when reviewing the cards, then re-read with the crystal present again for added clarity (I would only do this if I wasn't able to get what I needed from my first read no matter how hard I tried). The second crystal represents that "thing" that we so desperately look at every tarot card...the future. As such, this crystal will influence how we view said future and our own feelings about the outcome. Some stones that could work well here are fluorite (since it removes mental blocks and allows us to see ourselves/outcomes in a clearer light), tourmaline (for protection from any negativity along the way) or even black tourmaline for grounding should we be having difficulty coming to terms with our readings.

Thoughts? I hope this helps someone else out there who may not know what to do with their crystals while using them for tarot card readings!