Lepidolite Crystal & Chakras

How does the Lepidolite Crystal affect your Chakras?
Lepidolite works well with all Chakras. The potent healing ability of Lepidolite is in part due to its high Lithium content. Lithium cleanses your body and makes it feel lighter as if you've been relieved of a burden. In addition, this crystal brings about better communication between mind and body.
Lepidolite works with the 1st Chakra by helping in the release of old behaviors and thought patterns that are holding you back. It is associated with the Root Chakra, which is located at the base of your spine. This Chakra represents one's sense of security and one's place in the world. Lepidolite helps to strengthen this root connection while allowing for flexibility on an emotional level.
It also helps you find your connection with the Divine and accept who you are.
Lepidolite works with all levels of your being, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. It is a "stone of transition" that helps one adapt to change and move from the old into the new. Lepidolite is an excellent stone for times of change & transition, as it absorbs all the negative and dis-ease energies from around you. It transmutes these energies into positive healing energy & helps one to release them, helping one feel less stressed during changes.
Lepidolite works with the 2nd Chakra by helping with self-esteem, as well as rejection issues. A planetary movement of a "plume" of energy comes to the surface on top of Lepidolite, making it one of the most powerful healing stones available today!
It is also known as the healer's stone to help heal emotional trauma and recent loss. To release grief, use Lepidolite in meditation to help you heal and let go of the pain suffered from the death of a loved one.
It is also great for dream recall and remembering what your dreams mean. It allows you to express yourself freely and pursue your creative talents without fear of judgment or ridicule. Someone who is working in a creative field can carry Lepidolite to bring them focus and inspiration.
Lepidolite is excellent for those who feel like they do not fit in, have low self-esteem, or lack confidence. It allows you to see many different perspectives so that you can appreciate where others are coming from.
Lepidolite works with the 3rd Chakra by helping one loosen their grip on who they are and be open to change. It also stimulates patience, allowing you to go with the flow of life more easily.
Lepidolite is also great for relieving nervousness, anxiety, and fear. It will help you find peace and calm by dissolving tension in the body & mind. Meditating with Lepidolite will bring profound experiences into your life.
Lepidolite is a "mood-lifting" stone, as it helps fill you with positive feelings that will bring laughter & joy. It can help one to feel more at peace in their life and find humor in most situations. This is such an essential quality because it allows us to appreciate the little things in life.
Lepidolite works with the 5th Chakra by stimulating the intellect, allowing you to be more thoughtful and intuitive. It helps one move from purely analytical thinking to a place where they can understand things on a deeper level.
This healing crystal is also known as "The Stone of Transition" because it is beneficial when going through times of change or transition in your life. Helping one to be more flexible allows you to go with the flow of energy and appreciate each shift as a necessary step on your path.
It can help one see different perspectives not to be stuck in their ways or rigid beliefs. This is especially helpful if one has been through many hard times because it helps them recognize the positive side of everything and be grateful for all that they have.
Lepidolite works with the 6th Chakra by opening your mind to greater understandings of the universe. It will bring spiritual teachings into your life and inspire you to develop a deeper connection with the divine world.
Lepidolite is excellent for intuition & psychic abilities, as it links these parts of yourself in a way that makes them more easily accessible and helpful in everyday life. It can help you to make decisions based on your intuition rather than fear or doubt.
It is also helpful for those who have trouble remembering things and finding the appropriate words to express themselves. Lepidolite helps one communicate freely without holding back any thoughts or feelings. Doing so allows you to get rid of old patterns that are not working anymore and make room for new beliefs and experiences.
Lepidolite is also great for self-esteem, as it stimulates your love & acceptance of who you are. It will help dissolve any self-doubt patterns so that you can see yourself clearly and be grateful for all the wonderful things about yourself!
Lepidolite works with the 7th Chakra by instilling a sense of peace and calm. It will help you go with the flow and appreciate each moment of your life, rather than worry or stress about what is to come.
Doing this allows one to release old patterns that are no longer working for them (and sometimes that they don't even recognize anymore) so that they can make room for new, fresh experiences. Furthermore, this strengthens your trust in yourself and the universe because you know that everything you need will be provided for you in all of your moments!
It is said that Lepidolite balances yin and yang energies by helping one to accept both the negative & positive aspects of life. Thus, it helps one see the light in the darkness and peace even in their most challenging times. By doing this, it can help you to practice forgiveness and acceptance towards yourself and others.
It is also great for those who have trouble taking compliments or praising themselves because it will allow them to acknowledge their greatness! Lepidolite will teach you to feel worthy of love, happiness, and anything else you desire.
Lepidolite is a very spiritually-oriented stone that will help you to find your spiritual path & work with higher guidance in your life. By following the inspiration, it gives you can lead to many wonderful experiences!
This healing crystal is beneficial for those looking to make a significant life change that will help them find fulfillment and happiness in their lives. In addition, it can help you discover your purpose on this earth and gives you the motivation & energy necessary to get started!