How to Use Crystals Effectively in Your Tarot Readings

How to use crystals effectively in your tarot readings?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that I receive from aspiring readers as well as new readers who are trying out this method for the first goes a little something like this: "I've just started incorporating crystals into my tarot card readings but do not see why they work or how they influence my card pulls." Here's how I answer them: They Are Eternal Beings
Like any spiritual being, their powers are derived from both within and without. Therefore, by simply asking for their guidance during our times of need, we can learn more about ourselves than we ever thought possible. Now, I'm not saying that every time you ask for help from your crystals, they will hand it over regardless of the situation. This kind of thinking is why many people view them as nothing more than rocks or even expensive jewelry pieces. However, suppose we do our part by honoring their presence as well as their individual needs. In that case, we will be rewarded with gifts unlike anything we could have ever imagined - whether it's during a tarot reading/card pull or just in general!

Crystal Color Can Have A Major Effect On Your Tarot Readings

The color associated with each crystal can influence how you read your cards on an emotional level (even down to the overall card meanings themselves). For example, Clear quartz, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz are all purple/pink crystals. As such, they may bring about feelings of calmness/peace when you work with them in your tarot readings, just as the meaning associated with these cards will have a similar effect on how one sees them - if not more!

They Are Always With You And Can Be Easily Transported From Place To Place

All you need to do is ask them for help by consciously bringing their energy into your daily life (you can even tell the crystal what it is that you're looking for). Then, it doesn't matter whether or not you have it on your person at any given moment, and they'll still be there lending you guidance whenever necessary. In addition, because of this, there's no need to carry around a large bag to transport your crystals with you every time you head out. Instead, pull one out of your tarot card bag (or pouch if they're too big for this) and have them by your side at all times!

Crystal Shape Can Also Be A Factor In Your Tarot Readings

This is another obvious one because we know that each crystal has its own unique shape, but let's also look into the deeper meaning behind why this may be important in our card readings: The most common physical forms associated with crystal are spherical/ball-like/oval as well as triangular/pyramidal and rectangular blocks. Now when it comes to tarot cards, these same shapes (rounded balls vs. pointed pyramids) have very different meanings, so we're going to look at a couple of examples: Pay attention to how you see and feel about the following two cards, both associated with the same element (Earth):
Notice how they are very similar in appearance - this is because their shapes are also very identical...rounded/spherical vs. triangular. Now take another look at these two cards, both associated with Air:
Even though these cards are meant to represent the same aspect of energy, they still look and feel completely different from one another even though they're a part of the same category. In part, this can be attributed to their elemental association, but it's also due to their shape. These minor differences can lead some readers into believing that one has more value than the other when in reality, they're more alike than they are different.

This Is The Most Important Thing To Remember About Working With Crystals: Your Tarot Readings Will Be More Accurate & Empowering If You Use Them In Conjunction With Other Divination Tools

Crystal ball readings are great for enhancing your energy and bringing calming feelings into your life, but at some point, you need to look beyond how things will be and start seeing how they can become, which is why we also use tarot cards pendulums, etc. These additional tools help us determine whether or not we're on the right path, where to go from there if needed, and what lies ahead once the direction has been chosen. As a result, when you use them in conjunction with each other, the information gathered is much more complete.

Crystal Color Can Have A Major Effect On Your Tarot Readings (Part II)

As you saw before, certain crystals can have emotional/mental effects on how we view/perceive our cards, and this isn't limited to just one crystal at a time. There are also those times where multiple crystals of the same color are used for additional empowerment: We've already seen that clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst are all purple/pink energy, but not all pink crystals are created equal so let's take a look at another example:
Rose Quartz - Crystalline Rose (nanocrystalline),
Pink Tourmaline,
Clear Quartz
Pink Crystal Energy
The more pink crystals (of any color) added to your tarot deck during a reading, the better the components will work together because it tells you're looking at an overall situation. As we've already seen with the energy of clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst individually - they both activate & enhance positive, creative/constructive feelings but when working with multiple crystals of this same color (in other words, lots of pink crystal energy ), all three can be used to amplify certain aspects of your life as well as bring in additional sources of support. This is also true for purple/violet crystals - they're not always going to have similar effects when used individually. Still, when you have multiple sources of these crystals around your deck, they can work together to provide additional insight and support.

Crystal Color Can Have A Major Effect On Your Tarot Readings (Part III)

Another essential thing to keep in mind is that the energy produced by one crystal can also be seen through another type of stone, although sometimes this isn't always as straightforward as it should be: Let's take a look at some examples. Amethyst and rose quartz come from the same family (tridymite group). Therefore, they share many similar properties, such as their high vibration, calm/comforting energies, & ability to attract loving energy. We wanted to increase the overall 'amplification' of this loving energy during a reading but didn't have any more amethyst crystals available to us. If we were to then place a rose quartz under our deck, the energy produced by both stones would be seen together because they come from the same family - this would allow us to see/feel the added benefit(s) of using both crystals at once although it wouldn't necessarily be an 'either/or situation in regards to amplifying feelings associated with's still possible that either one or neither one could provide additional support.

Crystal Color Can Have A Major Effect On Your Tarot Readings (Part IV)

In addition to what was previously mentioned about combining multiple crystal sources of various colors, there may also be times where we feel as though we need even more enhancement in certain areas. In this case, either a different type of crystal (with similar properties) or a combination of crystals may be used on/in the deck to add additional support.

Crystal Color Can Have A Major Effect On Your Tarot Readings (Part V)

Because crystals also come in many different shapes, sizes and thicknesses, you can then use this info to your advantage during readings: As an example, "tumbled" stones are generally thick , flat pieces of stone with polished edges whereas faceted stones usually have smooth rounded edges & slimmer builds : Using these differences in appearance together during readings is interesting because the build/size the crystal takes on can say a lot about what the energy feels like while also giving you another way of comparing them. For example, we could use palmstones to represent physical blocks during readings (although they may or may not be within someone's immediate field of view at the time) and then use smaller faceted crystals to show us how these same people/situations deal with their emotions or vice versa. Tumbled crystals might also be used in place of (more significant) facial cards if you're doing an 11 card reading for someone but want an extra boost of love & support - make sure you have enough copies of each crystal type before any given session!

Crystal Color Can Have A Major Effect On Your Tarot Readings (Part VI)

Another thing to keep in mind when reading with crystals is that some of them are natural 'growths' and therefore won't necessarily be shaped like rocks or faceted in the same way: This includes (but isn't limited to ) items such as Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rosewood, Amethyst & other types of polished gemstones - these can add a bit more variety to readings while also providing hints towards specific properties/aspects without having to see them: Why does this matter physically?

A Note About Using Crystals In Tarot Readings - Additional Tips
After writing this series about color & how it can have an impact on your tarot readings, When we're working on enhancing feelings of love in our readings, it's essential to consider any differences between how each person views love & feel about others - this is the only way that we'll be able to accurately give accurate information based on their own personal values (as opposed to ours).

Setting Up For A Tarot Reading: How To Improve Your Intuition

Now that you know all about color theory and how it can enhance your tarot readings let's talk about using what you learned for more potent intuitive abilities. These exercises can be done by themselves, or you may find that combining them together for a more in-depth experience is helpful!

Crystals, Colors & Tarot Readings - How You Can Put Them To Use Together
In order to do this properly, make sure you have the colored crystals mentioned above and then get your deck ready. The next step is easy:
1. Find A Color Scheme For Your Crystals That Matches Up With The Theme Of Your Reading (Make Sure It's One You Feel Comfortable Using) 2. Set Out All Of Your Decks / Tarot Cards & Place One Stone On Each Card
3. Take A Few Minutes To Align Yourself Beforehand And Then Go Through The Deck Pointing To Each Crystal As Before
4. Finish Up By Going Through The Deck One More Time To Make Sure Everything Was Accurate (Any Changes/Answers From The Cards Will Be In Your Notes)
Have fun! Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions about crystals or tarot readings in the comments section below.