DIOSPTASE: Chakras, Metaphysical Properties, & Affirmations

WORDS THAT ARE ESSENTIAL Forgiveness, compassion, the dismantling of karmic patterns, and prosperity
Dioptase is a hydrous copper silicate mineral with a hardness of 5. It is composed of hexagonal crystals (trigonal). It is a prismatic crystal with rhombohedral faces that crystallizes.
The tint varies between emerald and dark bluish-green. Dioptase is found in sites where oxidation has altered copper veins, as well as hollow areas within surrounding rocks. It is frequently used in conjunction with Malachite. In Chile, Namibia, Russia, and the United States of America, dioptase was identified.

Dioptase is a powerful ally in the process of awakening loving compassion and resolving emotional suffering. It carries the heart's pure Green Ray energy and is a good stone for strengthening the heart energetically in a variety of ways. First, it strengthens the emotional heart through the power of compassion, both for oneself and for others. Second, it supports the physical heart by its constant message of tranquility and well-being. Third, it stimulates the spiritual heart by its high-frequency vibrational pattern, which resonates with the 'high heart' chakra located directly above the physical heart. Through all of these channels, it develops forgiveness and the healing of past inner scars.

Dioptase has been shown to be effective for getting insight into previous lifetimes and activating one's higher purpose. Numerous lessons from previous lifetimes manifest as 'echoes,' or recurring situations in which similar karmic patterns resurface repeatedly. Dioptase reactivates our inner eyes, allowing us to recollect and see these patterns, so releasing our attachment to them and allowing us to go forward with renewed vitality.

Dioptase's frequency is absolutely pure, and it can aid in discord clearing in the auric field. Dioptase masks negative emotions like wrath, aggravation, jealousy, anxiety, and distrust, making it an excellent stone for daily meditation and for keeping in one's environment or even on one's person. Furthermore, dioptase can be used to materialize wealth and prosperity. It attracts money and all other pleasant aspects of life as one of the finest Green Ray stones.
All of the following minerals have a dioptase affinity: Malachite, Azurite, Turquoise, Cuprite, and Verascite. Because they, like Dioptase, are all copper-based, their vibratory patterns complement one another. Kunzite, Copper Rutile Quartz, Scolecite, and Clear Quartz can all be used in meditation to establish a connection between the active heart chakra and the higher chakras located both within and outside the body.

Dioptase is a highly effective stone for resolving emotional patterns and karmic commitments that negatively impact relationships. Its energy enables one to identify when interpersonal relationships are no longer vital. By gaining an awareness of these emotional connections, you can free yourself from previous programming-based roles, freeing up your heart energy for new, more mature interactions. The frequency of dioptase assists in identifying and eradicating karmic family patterns from one's emotional body and genetic code. It is very effective at eradicating inherited behavioral habits, abuse, and even physical illness.
Dioptase can help individuals cultivate an attitude of gratitude for the emotional lessons learned via difficult interactions with loved ones. It teaches us the value of allowing ourselves and others to grow within constrained relationships, as well as how to admit when we no longer fit. It teaches the maturity required to recognize when we are pressuring someone to conform to our expectations rather than letting them to be themselves. Additionally, it enables one to detect times in which one's behavior is modified to conform to the expectations of others rather than remaining authentically oneself.
Dioptase aids in the comprehension of both our own and others' roles. It enables us to relinquish our prior roles, allowing both partners in a relationship to be recognized for who they truly are. This is true forgiveness—forgiving oneself and others in order to recognize actual growth and let go of the past. When this is completed, the karma associated with the connection is also released, allowing everyone to move onward.
Due to its propensity to assist in resolving old, discordant energy lines, dioptase is an excellent stone for individuals going through divorce, death, or emotionally hard family ties. It can aid in maintaining a sense of equilibrium when confronted with previous emotional tendencies (such as during family holidays).
retaining an objective viewpoint and avoiding being drawn into familial group dynamics.
Dioptase can aid in the accomplishment of a goal.

Dioptase is a critical ally in emotional rehabilitation. Almost every type of emotional imbalance is connected to prior experiences, prior conduct, and our expectations of ourselves and others. When these facets are released, the heart and intellect are free to exist in the present moment and expand beyond the past. This results in feelings of joy, satisfaction, calm, and emotional equilibrium.
SPIRITUAL Dioptase is one of the most potent spiritual teachers of our generation, revealing how to repair the heart and liberate ourselves from old roles that limit our ability to embody our full potential. It is a teacher of love and the finest example of love's forgiveness. Dioptase fosters emotional purity, allowing individuals to view relationships as precious opportunities to glimpse the Divine in others. Additionally, it encourages individuals to assert their own authority by liberating themselves from egoic expectations, past emotional experiences, and roles.
EMOTIONAL Dioptase's emotional energy are inextricably related to its spiritual abilities. It is especially beneficial for those who are continually evaluating the past and thus unable to interact in the present with clarity. It assists persons who have taken on the victim role in perceiving how to empower themselves by letting go of the past and allowing for evolution. It benefits those who are continually adapting to others' expectations and aspirations and are fearful of showing their actual selves. Dioptase can assist anyone in experiencing increased joy, peace, and contentment in life.
PHYSICAL Dioptase is a very potent healer for those who suffer from physical disorders as a result of emotional maltreatment in the past. Women who have been sexually abused and have developed reproductive disease, or women who have been emotionally abused and have manifested cardiac disease, are examples of this pattern. Any physical ailment associated with prior emotional trauma can be positively impacted by Dioptase's healing energy.
AFFIRMATION I forgive and release the previous patterns that have held me back, and I welcome the numerous blessings in my life with an open heart.