What is Euphoralite?

What is Euphoralite? 

Euphoralite is a combination of 40 minerals including Tourmalines, Lepidolite, and Quartz found only in the Black Hills of South Dakota. 

These stones come from the Sacred Center of Mother Earth, the Axis Mundi. They are formed in a Chimney dike, layered upon each other. Sometimes these layers breakthrough each other, causing a combination of crystals and stones. 

Euphoralite is a mix of high energy, high lithium crystals, and stones.  One of the most popular is The Snowball Euphoralite. This can give a person goosebumps due to its high energy and crystal combination of Quartz, Mica, & Blue Tourmaline. 

Another high energy Euphoralite stone is the Blue Tourmaline in Mica. This combination has a very high vibrational charge and you will feel it throughout your whole body.   The owner refers to it as "High Voltage".

The next is the High Lithium Lepidolite Euphoralite. This is a great crystal to use for it's grounding calming effect. A must-have stone if you are looking for grounding or calmness in your life. 

Euphoralite is a wonderful crystal stone to use for communicating to the higher realms and a connection to your higher self. Also a possible link to a higher dimension of knowledge that is being given to help with all energies that are being upgraded to humanity as we are going into a new dimension and help us evolve. 

Euphoralite is a great tool to help with meditation, divination, ritual, and energy work. Using Euphoralite can help open and allow you access to the deep realms of your unconscious. Allowing you to have a better meditation, reads, and energy work. A very useful crystal to have in your collection.


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