Puffy Hearts --- How to Use Puffy Crystal Hearts

How to use puffy heart

Puffy Hearts are one of the very best ways to carry your favorite crystals with you. I love them because they come in various sizes, from mini emerald hearts to huge hearts usually made of Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz. They are excellent energy tools and are a valuable way of keeping you vibrating with your crystals. They can be used for gridding, body layouts, carrying in your bra or pocket, special pouch, spread across your Altar, or placed in specific areas of your room, home, or office. There are endless uses for Puffy Hearts.

You can place your Puffy Heart anywhere and anytime. For instance, if you are running late to work in the morning and don't have time to stop at your favorite crystal spot for a smudge or Reiki session, grab some of your favorite crystal puffy hearts, and the rest of the day, you'll have crystal energy with you. Or perhaps you want to keep some crystals at your bedside for when you wake up. Just tuck a few Puffy Hearts along with some crystals near the head of your bed and let their loving energy help you as you sleep or if things are rough in your waking hours, they can carry that crystal energy with them until you feel better.

Using Puffy Hearts as "pocket buddies" has been a fulfilling aspect of my life for years now, and it doesn't matter if I'm at home or away; having a Puffy Heart on hand always makes me feel secure just like having a special friend with me. It's truly unique how we can connect to our crystals in so many different ways. I hope you'll try this "pocket buddy" idea and see what you discover about your relationship with your favorite stones!

Puffy Hearts can quickly go with you anywhere. I put my heart crystals in a small pocket inside my handbag, so they are always with me when I'm out and about. I keep some in my bra and pockets too. You can never have enough puffy crystal hearts with you!!

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