Morning Routines for Gratitude

Something I do every single morning is meditate. I can’t even imagine going a day without meditating. It totally starts my day it, let’s just say it, makes my day. Many of us don’t even realize that alot of what is going on in our minds heads is under our control. Yes, we can control it. Manage it. As time has gone by from the beginning to now we have evolved and have the ability for control. For example you would never skip brushing your teeth in the morning.  So don’t skip taking care of your mind. Waking up with stress, angst, anger, and an over all feeling of dread and there’s not many routines to help with it these feelings. Practicing simple gratitude exercises. Things they don't’ teach us, to prescription medicate with pills instead of practicing gratitude. It’s some simple gratitude exercises each and every morning. You just have to start practicing gratitude.

What I do each and every morning besides my meditation which I will share in another blog post. I will give a bit of background. I used to wake up full of stress, dread, and sometimes a little angry and it was making me miserable. Just miserable. and this journey has taken me a while, to find peace. And some days are better than others because we are all human. I started with meditation. And I journaling. I stared a journal. I wrote down 1-6 things I was grateful for. By doing this it changes the mindset to positive. One just one positive thing written down that you have gratitude for. Try this for 1 week, 7 straight days, and tell me how it has helped. Leave a comment.

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