How to Use Puffy Hearts for Feng Shui

How to use puffy hearts for feng shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement, and it is said that you can bring good luck and happiness into your life by using particular objects such as crystals and flowers in a certain way. And what better crystal than a heart to symbolize the giving, loving energy of that which we desire most?

Does your home need more love in it? The heart chakra crystals such as Rose Quartz or Kunzite can help to calm and soothe emotions. The color pink is also a good one for this purpose because pink is the color that represents unconditional love.

To bring more love into your life, you can place puffy heart crystals such as Amethyst or Pink Tourmalines in the south-southwest direction of your home. You should use at least seven hearts to create a star formation for it to work properly. You can arrange these puffy hearts in a star many different ways, so let your imagination run wild and hang them however you like. You can even use jewelry to hold them in place if you don't want to use string or thread.

This is especially good for couples who don't live together but would like their home life to be more loving. If one partner is not in the same place as the other, you can use this Feng Shui technique to bring more love into your life. Just set up a crystal grid with puffy hearts in your partner's home so that they will be surrounded by loving energy and have no choice but to receive it!

Of course, there are other ways that you can use puffy heart crystals in your home. The most popular way is to place them above the bed or hang them from a ceiling or chandelier.
If you are single and live alone, you can also use this Feng Shui technique if you would like to find love. Placing these hearts around your home is said to help you to attract a romantic partner. You can hang them in your bedroom and over the bed or place them near doorways.

Wherever puffy hearts are placed, they will bring more love into the environment. They also work well for storing other love crystals such as rose quartz, amethyst, and crystal jewelry. And you can place them in the south-southwest direction of your home or bedroom to help with a variety of wishes, from bringing love into your life to attracting wealth and good luck.

The element associated with the puffy heart crystal is fire, so this technique will also help you to bring more passion into your life.
If there are challenges that are blocking you that need to be solved for you to make progress in these areas of your life, it would also be helpful if you placed some obsidian on top of the hexagon grid. Tourmalines are said by ancient seers to have healing properties for internal problems as well as mental blocks, so try placing it somewhere near where your heart chakra crystals are hanging (above or below your bed).

If you would like to hang the puffy heart crystals around a candle or any other object such as an iPod dock, make sure that the candle's burning flame is shielded by something to protect yourself from the heat. It wouldn't be safe for someone to get too close and potentially burn themselves on accident.
You can also apply this same Feng Shui concept in an office environment by placing them on top of your desk or computer monitor for good luck. A lot of people have reported success with this strategy!

Another way that this art form can be used is if you are looking for love and want more romance in your life. In addition to hanging these hearts above or below your bed, you can also place them on display throughout the rest of your home. Some people choose to even hang them from the ceiling or around a window that is in the bedroom so that their energy can flow through the entire room. It will really be an eye-catching creation!

This feng shui technique is said by many people who have tried it to bring more romance and passion into their life very quickly - sometimes within a few days. The puffy heart crystals are believed to attract love and good fortune when they are used in this way.
When using these heart chakra crystals for any purpose, remember always to cleanse them before use and regularly afterward. Sage or smudge them with a feather or cloth that has been dipped in water and essential oils. Then hang them where you want to bring more love into your life for optimum results.
Try this technique, share it with your friends and family, and see how it can help everyone's lives! And don't forget to join my club to share some pictures, so we all get to see the beautiful art you create with puffy heart crystals!

And last but not least, Puffy hearts are the perfect gift to give someone, especially if they don't need any more crystals. Puffy hearts are great for decorating your home and putting them in their proper place once you've cleaned them.

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